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    People still ask why small towns matter and whether rural areas have any future at all. Our wider community  needs small towns  for at least five reasons. 

    1) Agriculture and food production almost all happens in the rural places, and small towns are essential to the production, transportation and often the processing of our food. Even as urban and vertical agriculture are being tested, we'll still want to have ethical and responsible choices for more natural agriculture and that will be centered around small towns.  Our Shire has innovative farmers and graziers with ready access to Australia's premier agriculture based university at Armidale, NSW Department of Agriculture Research Station, industry leaders in beef and sheep production and innovative NGO's such as Glenrac.

    2) Energy and natural resources all come from outside our urban areas. From clean water and air, to wind and solar power, to mining and timber, so much of what we need to make our society possible comes from rural places. Our Shire is a part of the New England Regional Energy Hub with both large scale wind and solar farms.

    3) Conservation and recreation of wildlife and our natural environment happens in rural areas. We all want wild places to enjoy, to nourish our health and mind. To do that, we need small towns and hometowns to provide the support services and to protect those places. Our Shire contains World Heritage National Parks andnumerous Nature Reserves

    4) Small towns grow strong people. Countless leaders and people who have changed the world for the better in all fields have credited their small town upbringing for their character and strength. Studies show rural kids have better motor skills and stronger immune systems. We are resourceful. We have a strong sense of community. We survive when things get tough. We’re resilient. Rural places grow strong people. Glen Innes, a town of 6000 people has produced many more scientists, engineers, doctors, artists and teachers per head of population than many larger towns and cities. We have excellent primary and secondary schooling as well as an excellent TAFE and library facilities.

    5) Small towns and rural places are perfect for experimenting with new technology, learning how to implement and regulate it, long before it’s practical to use in crowded cities. 

    Looking to the future Glen Innes Severn Shire is in the forefront.... would you like to join us???

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